An inline module can be inserted into an existing <div> element on your page. This allows you to render personalized messages and forms anywhere on your page.

Note: inline modules do not support the close or cancel option. Clicking the confirm button will trigger success state for form or subscription modules, but we recommend setting a custom callback for the confirm button of a inline message module.


Define the DOM selector of the parent element you would like to insert the module into.

positionSelector string
Value Behavior
selector Javascript selector of an existing div on the page where the module should appear.

Custom Position - Live Preview

Position Inline Modules


Variant determines any extra content that may be used by the module.

variant int
Value Behavior
1 default text-only-module
2 module includes an image
3 module includes a content recommendation


Define the featured image you would like to use for the module.

Note: This setting is only valid for modules with a variant value of 2.

Key Type Behavior
image string URL of the image to feature

Image (variant 2) - Live Preview

Image Inline Module