Gate modules provide an approach for requiring data collection or user identification. This type of module prevents users from viewing content or navigating until some sort of data has been collected and processed. These modules are highly effective when promoting white papers or other online materials that are not to be freely available.

var module = new pathfora.SiteGate({
  id: 'my-gate-module-id',
  headline: 'My Headline Text',
  msg: 'My message text here.'



Gate modules will remain hidden once the user has submitted their information once. A cookie PathforaUnlocked_[id of module] is created to save this status so that the user has access to the gated content as long as their cookies persist.

SiteGate - Live Preview

Gate Module


By default the a gate module includes a form, with this setting it can be hidden for a text-only gated widget.

showForm boolean
Value Behavior
true default show the gated form
false hide the form for a text-only gated widget

Text-only Gate - Live Preview

Text Only Gate Module