A bar is a thin module which appears at the top or bottom of the browser window.

Note: the bar module does not support the headline config property.


Positition of the bar module relative to the browser window.

position string
Value Behavior
top default module is absolutely positioned to the top of the window
top-fixed module sticks to the top of the window when scrolling
bottom-fixed module sticks to the bottom of the window when scrolling

Positions - Live Preview

Position Bar Modules


Variant determines any extra content that may be used by the module.

variant int
Value Behavior
1 default text-only-module
2 module includes an image


Define the featured image you would like to use for the module.

Note: This setting is only valid for modules with a variant value of 2.

Key Type Behavior
image string URL of the image to feature

Image (variant 2) - Live Preview

Image Bar Module


For top or top-fixed positioned bars, we can select an element to push down (add a top margin) so it doesn't get covered by the module. This is especially helpful for a top-aligned site navigation.

Key Type Behavior
pushDown string selector of the element that should move down with the bar

Live Preview

pushDown Bar Module